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Indiana's public radio and televisions stations, in association with Indiana Debate Commission and Y-Press,
are teaming up to offer expanded statewide election coverage, keeping you informed about key statewide
races leading up to the November elections.

For local races visit Indiana's public radio and television stations listed to the right.

To learn more about the candidates in races being covered by IPBS, click on the links in the table below.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Sam Goldstein

Attorney General

For more info regarding elections from a national perspective, visit NPR, PBS, and the IPBS Blog.

IPBS Video Update - The Economy

IPBS Video Update - The Environment

IPBS Video Update - Healthcare

IPBS Video Update - Education

August 25-28

Y-Press reports for Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

    Tuesday, August 26

    Wednesday, August 27

    Thursday, August 28

September 2 - 5

Y-Press reports for Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations from the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

    Tuesday, September 2

    Wednesday, September 3

    Thursday, September 4

Tuesday, September 16

Gubernatorial Debate
Star Plaza Theatre - Merrillville
Time: 8 p.m. Eastern Time


Tuesday, September 23

Gubernatorial Debate
Jasper Arts Center - Jasper
Time: 8 p.m. Eastern Time


Thursday, September 25

Superintendent of Public Instruction Town Hall Debate
IUPUI Campus Center Rm 450 - Indianapolis
6 p.m. Eastern Time


Tuesday, October 14

Gubernatorial Debate
IU Auditorium - Bloomington
Time: 7 p.m. Eastern Time


October 16/17

Attorney General - Call-in Program
Time: Noon

    Linda Pence

    Greg Zoeller

October 24/26

Superintendent of Public Instruction - Call-in Program
Time: Noon

    Richard Wood

    Tony Bennett

Tuesday, November 4

Election Night Coverage
Local stations will team up with NPR to offer full coverage of this historic event.
National results will be interspersed with local and state reports from Marianne Holland and other local news directors as well as correspondence with area experts.